Outclassed's mission is to enhance personal style of clients and help him/her become a more fashionable version of themselves. We understand that your clothing is your visual identity before anyone formally meets you. We are here to refine your style, not change it and strive to ensure your clothing says the right statement about you. We provide services such as styling tips, fashion styling, personal shopping, wardrobe makeovers and even the option of shopping from our "ready-to-wear" collection or getting something custom made. Whether its for an event or your personal use, you can always count on Outclassed to meet your need . We go the extra mile to make sure all clients are satisfied and encouraged after each consultation by following up with you. 

Founder, Jatcie Williams, comes from much experience in retail, fashion styling and fashion designing. Growing up, she would draw out different outfits she saw on popular television shows and recreate them to match her style. She also had a set of custom made barbie doll clothing, which greatly inspired her. Moving forward, Jatcie began struggling with self-esteem issues in her middle school/ high school years wearing only pants because she felt her legs were too big. She also wore a lot of long sleeve shirts because she felt her shoulders were too big due to her major invovlement in sports.  After overcoming that, during her senior year in high school she received an overwhelming amount of votes for "best-dressed" and then decided to take fashion styling to the next level. Right away, she knew that she'd be going to school for retail/fashion. Graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelors of Science in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies in August 2014, she pursed a career in Retail. She went on to get her Image Consultant certification that Fall and started Outclassed by Faith. She knew that she wasn't the only one struggling with the image of herself and she wanted to encourage women to own who they are and find their value in Christ. She has since owned her own boutique in Four Seasons Mall, been invited to New York Fashion Week, Twin City Fashion Week, Danville Fashion Week and been a vendor numerous times for her 'ready-to-wear' items. Her custom skirts have also been featured on 'The Steve Harvey Show.' In addition, she has styled for multiple events and clients, including Comedian Tim Shropshire, Goodwill's 'Rock the Runway' in 2013 and local televison shows. She is located in Greensboro, North Carolina serving individuals with her great eye for fashion.

"It's my desire to encourage, educate and enhance one’s style through my passion for fashion. Being Outclassed means feeling good about you outside of your fabulous outfit." - Jatcie Williams

Proverbs 31:29: "Of these women, you've Outclassed them all"

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies / Business

International Association of Professions Career College

Certified Image Consultant

International Association of Professional Image Consultants

Junior Achievement 2019 Business Leaders Hall of Fame Clothing Sponsor
Sip & Sew Pillow Party Sewing Classes

Official 2018-2019
New York Fashion Week Collection Outclassed by Jatcie Williams

​​​​​​​​Featured on TucMag.Net for Best NYFW SS19 Runway Looks
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First Sewing Class
Best Brand Local Designer Winner at 2018 Big Hair Ball
Clothing partner for Junior Achievement of the Triad's 2018 Business Leaders Hall of Fame. 

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Outclassed Original featured on
Steve Harvey Show
Wardrobe Stylist for local TV Show "Stay the Night"
2016 BeYOUtiful Hair and Fashion Show

Junior Achievement 2017
Business Leaders Hall of Fame
Clothing Sponsor  
Chosen as May 2016 Courageous Entrepreneur, Jatcie shares her journey of becoming and entrepreneur. Check out interview with Lifestyle Blogger Marquita Casterlow of Courage, Kinks and Curves. (click below to read)
Outclassed's vendor experience at the Real Ascending Womens Conference (R.A.W.) in July 2016. Check out interview, other awesome vendors and speakers with Mel Hall of Mel D Hall Show !