​30-minute Consultation

For the person that may or may not have  fashion style but for certain wants to enhance it. This consultation allows you to think about your current image along with the type of image you want to project. We set a goal and discuss how we will acheive it with your wardrobe. We will provide you with tools and techniques to use to help you chose the perfect outfit for your everyday. 


For the person that isn’t sure where to start when it comes to your personal style. Whether it’s for one event or your whole wardrobe, you need help with what looks best on you or how to put garments together. You may want new clothing items to add to your wardrobe or to use the ones you already have. 

Personal Shopping

For the person that wants new clothes, but dislikes shopping, doesn’t quite know what items to pick when shopping or not having enough time  Although this says personal shopping, you are welcome to come along with me to find picks for you.

Wardrobe Analysis/ Revamp

For the person that wants to discover how to reinvent looks with their current wardrobe. Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Fabulous pieces that just sit…collecting dust?  Outclassed will give you personal styling tips and tricks to create that “WOW!” factor you’re looking for. 

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